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Partnering with the Global Centre for Social Learning and Research means you have access to our vast array of white papers, case studies, and expertise. By becoming a partner, you will be able to immediately E.L.E.V.A.T.E. your value proposition to your own teams and to your clients.

  • Extend your expertise in the social learning space by leveraging our expertise
  • Learn from our extensive research resulting in stellar performance
  • Enable your teams’ credibility by leveraging our multiple academic (MBA, MSc, PhD, DM), professional certifications, and decades of corporate experience
  • Value that you provide to your clients is magnified by using our targeted measurement models
  • Attend networking events specifically geared for your community of practice
  • Traverse the constantly changing social learning landscape with our experienced consultants as your partners
  • Engagement scores will soar by zapping gaps in your sustainability framework

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Our partners include:

metrixgroupmindmuzeglobal knowledgeellicom velmaxtrainingfolksNatalieCurrieEnterprisesInc


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