The main focus of Centre for Social Learning and Research, a minority-owned Canadian company, is to provide strategic solutions to your connected learning requirements. Our mission is to provide you with best in class, custom designed services aligned to your business goals.


We are passionate about our services and learning products. With global strategic business partners, we offer our clients an extensive, industry tested, solution. Our programs, models and learning materials have been effectively used in both corporate and academic environments.

Our History

In 1995, Canadian-Filipino Dr. Robin Yap developed three models on organizational stakeholder satisfaction and operational efficiency: RHI® (Robin’s Happiness Index), Triple Triangle®, and X-Factoring®. These were presented at the 7th Quality Function Deployment QFD/Kaisen conference in Novi, Michigan, USA.

This paper introduces new methods in understanding customer happiness, customer support engineers job satisfaction, and how to model business delivery processes with inputs, outputs, and feedback. Effecting Customer Satisfaction through the Use of RHI©, Triple Triangle© and X Factoring© by R. Yap, The 7th Symposium on QFD (ISBN 1-889477-07-9) QFD Symposium Transactions

Our company originated in San Francisco, California and our models were used by retail and hospitality clients. Retail clients (ie. Cyberworld, Macy’s, Bank of America) garnered featured spots in Time Magazine (August 1997), Wall Street Journal (September 1997), KTU-Mornings on 2 San Francisco Morning Shows (1997-1998), and our client Cyberworld became the choice location for movies and tv shows like Warner Brothers’ Fathers’ Days with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal (1997) and Carlton Cuse’s Emmy nominated Nash Bridges with Don Johnson and Cheech Marin (1996). The linkage between the effective workplace learning materials we designed and in turn our client’s opportunities for expansion were a clear example of how sustained learning frameworks has impact to a company’s growth. Our models were used in intervention programs and garnered our company a San Francisco Mayor’s Honor for increasing visibility of local businesses.

Continuous sustained learning is central to enabling stellar performance. The Centre for Social Learning and Research, previously known as Phronetic International, Inc. moved its head office to New York City’s Times Square in 2000 to manage our growing East Coast clientele. Our original three models were reevaluated for currency and in collaboration with Dr. George Vellios and Dr. Eric Good resulted in an updated model called M3® (Matrix Maximization Model). In 2007, our head office moved to Toronto, Canada on Bay Street.

Today, we have a network of offices globally –  Toronto, St. Louis, New York City, Bangkok, Cologne, and Makati and in four languages (English, German, Spanish, Tagalog) – and together, our team carries over 250+ years of corporate and academic experience unparalleled by similar teams in the markets we serve.  If you’d like to be part of our team, please send us your resume and sample work at team@c4slr.com

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C4SLR Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board brings in industry expertise and scholastic rigour to our work. Our board has more than 150 years experience in the corporate/academic world with specialized expertise in talent development, social media, learning assessments, and human capital. If you are interested in being part of our board, please email us at board@c4slr.com

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Let us help you achieve your business goals today!

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